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March 6th, 2006

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06:02 am - sorta latish

I wonder if the new system is functional for London and Manhattan transit?

London to explore new, varied technology after bombs
November 15, 2005 by Sapa - AFP and Sapa - DPA

London – Hi-tech systems capable of spotting suicide bombers are to be tested on London’s railways and Underground train network.
This was stated yesterday by Britain’s Transport Secretary, Alistair Darling.

The July 7 suicide attacks by four bombers in London, which killed 52 commuters, meant the technology was worth trying in a bid to tackle an“unprecedented” terror threat, he said.
“Of course, we are continuing to learn the lessons of post-July 7,” he told a conference in central London.
“On trains and Underground systems, more varied security measures: high- visibility policing, baggage reconciliation trials, beefing up CCTV (closed-circuit television),” Darling said.

“We also need to make sure that as new technologies are developed, they are tested to see how they can help. So we will test existing and new technologies to see how they might work on the rail and Tube, for example, passenger screening and participating in work on intelligent vision systems.”

Trials of CCTV technology, including an “intelligent vision” system – which can recognise suspicious behaviour – were already taking place, Darling said.

A millimetre wave scanner that screens for traces of explosives and concealed weapons will be tested on the Heathrow Express train linking London’s main airport and the central Paddington station.
Meanwhile, police yesterday began deploying a dozen bomb detectors in the vast New York City subway network that are capable of picking up traces of explosives within seconds, news reports said.

The hand-held devices, which news reports said look like vacuum cleaners or fax machines, were introduced several months after subway riders began being subjected to bag searches. Many riders said the searches violate their privacy.

The New York Police Department ordered the searches of bags and backpacks following the London Underground bombings.

(Speak up!)

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