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Bush - the SuperBoy - What we have here -- is a failure to communicate....

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December 24th, 2005

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10:05 pm - Bush - the SuperBoy

This news story from the AFP:

On the heels of revelations that Bush signed a secret order in 2002 enabling the National Security Agency to capture US citizens' international telephone calls and electronic mail without a court order, Bush has come under fire for allegedly overstepping his authority with "imperial" flair.

The rights defense group American Civil Liberties Union took out full-page notices in newspapers demanding a special counsel to investigate whether the President violated the Constitution and his oath of office.

"This man wasn't above the law," the ad said, under an image of former president Richard Nixon -- and "Neither is this one," it added next to another image, of Bush.
Vice President Dick Cheney argued that given the nature of the existing threats, the president of the United States needs a free hand in doing his job.

"George W. Bush has quipped several times during his political career that it would be so much easier to govern in a dictatorship; apparently he never told his vice president that this was a joke," The New York Times countered in an editorial.

Yet "there are finally signs that the democratic system is trying to rein in the imperial presidency," the daily added.

Read the entire story "Bush's 'imperial' drift could take at least short-term political toll" published 12/25/2005 02h27
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