What we have here -- is a failure to communicate....

...or, the more I know, the less I understand...

3 February

I was living on Long Island when the towers fell.
I had an epiphany after 9/11... the blockade of Long Island
(while BigBrother and Unca' Dubya got out their brass knucks)
scared me more than the act of terrorism did.

You wanna talk domestic terrorism??
Then let's talk about the Patriot Act.

I tend to be rabid about hypocrites, dissolutions of my freedoms,
and what I perceive to be bad choices by my government
or any decision that curbs my right to run free, pursuing my individual happiness.
((damn straight I'm selfish))

Yanno, government continues to flagrantly
disregard the principles and tenets of the
document that made America 'the land of the free'.

Ethics? What are those?